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          Xuancheng Hongfeng Aluminum Co., Ltd was established in May 2007.

          Board of Directors decided to acquire 50 MU of land in No.88 Runzhang Road,Xuancheng High-tech Industrial Development Zone (East Zone) due to company’s manufacture,research and development requirements,and then established Xuancheng Hongfeng Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. in May, 2019.The company mainly produces aluminum building profiles, industrial profiles and high-end furniture profiles, with a designed annual production capacity of 30,000 tons.We now have extrusion workshop, powder coating production workshop,heat insulation &glue injection workshop,strip insertion workshop,wood grain transfer printing production line.

          The company has 130 employees at present, including 28 technical management personnel.The main products of the company are: powder coating profiles, heat insulation & glue injection and heat insulation & strip insertion profiles, wood grain transfer printing profiles, curtain wall profiles, high-end home decoration profiles and various industrial profiles.The company's main products are sold to: Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei, Henan and the surrounding areas of Anhui province, the profiles have been sold to the international markets as well.

          The second phase electrophoretic oxidation workshop has been completed, and the equipment investment is expected to be 11.2 million yuan. After the electrophoretic oxidation workshop is put into operation, more extruders will be added, 150 more new jobs will be solved, and the sales revenue will reach 200 million yuan.

          Under the leadership of the chairman Zhang Linfeng, the management team of the enterprise strictly focuses on safety and environmental protection.Strive to improve product quality,serve customers better, service for the market as marketing concept.Based on the 5S management concept, the enterprise focuses on improving the brand effect and building the "Xinhongfeng" brand into a first-class brand in China.

          Business philosophy: people-oriented, pioneering and innovative, legal governance, integrity and mutual benefit;

          Quality Principle: customer-centered, quality for survival, innovation for development;

          Core value: Customer-oriented, partner-oriented, employee-oriented!

          Xuancheng Hongfeng Aluminum Technology Co., LTD. Chairman Zhang Linfeng warmly welcome you to join the company for common development, welcome customers to distribute Hongfeng technology products, for win-win cooperation!

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